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Recent Updates. 15th Jan 2018

Classic Run News 2018

Route resumes are now available for both the Barlborough Hall Classic Run and also for the Parkside Classic Run by clicking on the relevant tab to the right.

Entry lists for both events are well under way so don’t delay getting your entry in as we will close each one when we have reached our maximum figure for the event of 60 cars

Rally Plate Sponsorship 2018

After raising funds from sponsorship of rally plates last year we have decided to continue with the initiative by offering corporate logos to form part of the rally plate design for a modest fee.  If you are interested in sponsoring the rally plated in 2018 please email  David Pipes and Gael Hepburn who are handling the sponsorship for us this year. David’s email address is shown below.

Road-book Advertising and Raffle Prizes 2018

David Pipes and Gael Hepburn are also organising the sale of advertising space in the road-book and the collection of Raffle Prizes for 2018.  If you would like to purchase space in the 2018 road-book or have suitable raffle prizes please contact David and Gael  via email at

Make a splash in 2018 and join us on the Barlborough Hall and Parkside Classic Runs