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Our team of organisers has Noel and Tony at the core, Noel is master of the maps and has created some stunning routes over the last 6 years managing not to use too many roads more than once and taking our entrants to some of the most beautiful parts of the Derbyshire countryside.  Tony takes care of the other arrangements, organising the start and finish venues as well as the half way halts which have, over the years, included such places and the world famous Chatsworth House home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, Canon Hall and most recently Carsington Water.

Liz and Sue take care of the plethora of paperwork and ensure that entrants are signed on and issued with relevant documentation, Sue is also treasurer keeping tight rein on the finances ensuring that we maximise our profits to pass on to our chosen charity (GUCH) and our host school, which in 2015 will be Parkside School in Chesterfield.

This team spends the winter months planning, preparing and testing the route and Roadbook as well as seeking out sponsors and organising the large band of volunteers who deal with the cooking and serving of food, trawling round the route taking thousands of pictures and generally marshaling wherever they are required.  Without their help this event would not be anything like as successful as it has grown to be.

Noel, Tony, Sue and Liz are all teachers or retired teachers who just happen to have a love of classic cars with a preference for using, rather than just showing them and while they are busy organising this event their cars are driven by other members of the family as you can see from the pictures above.

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